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数学代考:Math 632代写 数学考试助攻代写 - math代考
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1.  Math 632代写Imagine a road traveled by  two  kinds of vehicles, trucks and cars.  Three out of every five trucks are followed by acar, while one of every three cars is followed by a truck.a)(5 pts) Construct a Markov  chain model with two  states, t for a truck and c for a car, where Xn represents   the identity of the nth vehicle coming down the road.b)(10 pts) Findthe limit 1In words, this is the long-term probability that two consecutive vehicles contain at least one truck. For the sake of definiteness, we are assuming that the first vehicle we see is a car.c)(10pts) For each integer k, let σk be the random index such that Xσk is the kth  Find the limit2In words, this is the probability that the kth truck is followed by two cars.2.(15 pts) Let X1, X2, X3,. .. be i.d. random variables with possible values{—1, 0, 2} and distributionMath 632代写Let S0 = 0 and Sn = X1 + ·· · + Xn for n ≥ 1. Does there exist a constant A such that Mn = Sn2 — nA is a martingale with respect to {Xk : k ≥ 1}? Either justify why such a constant cannot exist, or find the value of A and justify your answer.3.Food truck serves one customer at a time.  Math 632代写Each customer orders one of two types of meals: a simple meal with probability 2/3 and a special meal with probability 1/3, independently of the other customers.  It takes 1 minute  to prepare a simple meal and 4 minutes to prepare a special meal.  A simple meal costs 3 dollars and a special   meal 6 dollars. Customers arrive as a rate λ Poisson process (time unit is one minute). A customer who arrives when the food truck is busy leaves immediately to go buy their food elsewhere.a)(5 pts) Let Xt= 1 if the food truck is busy at time t and Xt = 0 if there is no customer at time t. Is Xt a Markov chain? This question calls for a yes/no answer and a one-sentence justifification.b)(10pts) What is the long term rate at which the food truck earns money?c)(10 pts) The food truck operator wonders if the truck would earn more money over the long term if it stopped selling special meals and only provided simple meals. What is the answer? Does it depend on λ ? (To answer, assumethat the 1/3 of customers who want a special meal then go away.)4.A delivery company has two  identical cars.  Math 632代写Whenever one car breaks down, it is immediately taken to the shop   for repair.  If the other car breaks down before the first one is repaired, both cars are at the shop.  Assume each   car breaks down at exponential rate λ independently of the other, and a broken car is repaired at rate µ. If both cars are at the shop they are repaired concurrently (that is, at the same time) and independently of each other.a)(10 pts) Let Xtbe the Markov chain that keeps track of the number of working cars (0, 1, or 2).  Give the  arrow diagram, routing matrix R, and generator matrix Q of this Markov chain.b)(5 pts) Find the long-term fraction of time the company is without a working car.  (Give a formula in terms    of λ and µ.)c)(5 pts) Suppose at time zero both cars are working. What is the probability that both cars function throughout the time interval [0,h]?d)(10 pts) Suppose presently both cars are working. When the next car breaks down, what is the probability that it gets fixed before the other car breaks down? What is the probability that during the next three breakdowns,the company is never without a car?5.(5  pts)    Math 632代写Consider  the  following  game  of  chance.  You  start  with  one    You  flip  it.  If  the  penny  comes out heads, you lose the penny and since you are now broke, the game is over. If it comes out tails, you keep the pennyand you get two more pennies. As long as you have at least one penny left, you continue in this same manner:Flip one of your pennies.Ifthe penny comes out heads, you lose that penny.Ifit comes out tails, you keep the penny and get two more.The game ends if you have no pennies left. Assume that the flips of the pennies are fair coin flips.Question: What can you say about the probability that you can go on playing forever?Math 632代写其他代写:homework代写 Exercise代写 course代写 essay代写 北美代写  北美作业代写  澳大利亚代写  英国代写 app代写 algorithm代写  assignment代写 analysis代写 code代写 assembly代写 CS代写 Data Analysis代写 data代写  作业代写  作业加急  加拿大代写  合作平台:essay代写 论文代写 写手招聘 英国留学生代写