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数学代考:网络赠送系统代写 Question代写 conflict serialisable代写 code代写 - math代考
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Each transaction begins at the time slot of its first Read and commits right after its last Write (same time slot).Regarding the following questions, give and justify your answers.1)Is the transaction schedule conflict serialisable? Give the precedence graph to justify your answer. (4marks)网络赠送系统代写2)Give a serial schedule of these four transactions. (3marks)3)Lock the transactions   and    according to the simple locking scheme. You only need to consider the order of the operations, not the timestamps. (3 marks)Assignment Submission网络赠送系统代写We accept electronic submissions only. Please submit your assignments as follows:The file name should be ass2.pdf.Log into the CSE server, ensure that you are in the directory containing the file to be submitted. (note: we only accept files with .pdf extension)Type “give cs9311 ass2 ass2.pdf” toYou can also use the web give system toIn case that the system is not working properly, you must take the followingactions: