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National University of Singapore School of Computing
network programming代写 In this assignment, you will implement a HTTP-like web server two functions: serving static files and providing a simple key-value

CS2105 Assignment 1 Semester 2 AY18/19
Learning Objectives network programming代写
In this assignment, you will implement a HTTP-like web server two functions: serving static files and providing a simple key-value store service。 After completing this assignment, you should be able to (1) do simple network programming, and (2) have a good understanding of the mechanisms of HTTP。
network programming代写
Group Work
This assignment should be solved individually。 However, you are allowed to form a team with another student (max。 team size is 2) if you find it too difficult。 Group submissions are subject to 1 mark penalty for each students。network programming代写
Under no circumstances should you solve it in a group and then submit it as an individual solution。 This is considered plagiarism。 Please also refer to the detailed explanations below for more information about plagiarism。 Also refer to the special instruction below for submission of group work。
We allow group work because some students might struggle to solve this assignment alone,especially when you are new to network programming。 Do not give up, do not copy。 Instead, form groups of two and solve the assignment together。
Program Submission network programming代写
For individual submission, please name your single source file as “WebServer-<Student number>。py” and submit it to the “Assignment_1_student_submission” folder of IVLE workbin。 Here, the <Student number> is your matriculation number which starts with letter A。 An
example file name would be “WebServer-A0165432X。py”。 If you use Java, C, or C++ to implement the web server, please use “。java”, “。c”, or “。cpp” respectively as the extension name。 Note that the first and last letters of your student number should be capital letters。
We recommend that you use Python 3 for the assignments。
If you use Java or C/C++, we will compile and run your program for grading, using the default compilers on sunfire (g++ 4。8。4 or java 9。0。4)。 The used programming language is inferred from the file extension during grading。 For a Java program, the class name should be consistent with the source file name, and please implement the public static main() method so that the program can be executed as a standalone process after compilation。 Below screenshot shows respective language/compiler version on sunfire。network programming代写
The deadline of submission is 10th March 2019 (Sunday), 6:00pm sharp。 Please start early and submit early。 You can always upload a newer version before the deadline。 We strongly discourage students to submit their assignments only a few minutes before the submission deadline。 The “Assignment_1_student_submission” folder will be closed exactly at the deadline, and all late submission should be made into a different folder named “Assignment_1_late_submission”。 1 mark of penalty will be imposed on late submissions。 The later submission folder will be closed on 24th Mar 6:00pm sharp and there’s no acceptance of late submission afterwards。network programming代写
This programming assignment is worth 10 marks。
Special Instructions for Group Submission
For group submission, please include both student numbers and name your source file as “WebServer-<Student number1>-<Student number2>。py” and submit it to the same folder as with individual submission。 An example file name would be “WebServer- A0165432X-A0123456Y。py”。 For each group, there should only be one designated member who submits the file (either one), in order to avoid problems caused by multiple branches within a group。 Do not change the designated submitter! If the group needs to upload a new version, it should be done by the same designated submitter as well。network programming代写
Do not solve the assignment in a group and submit it as individual work。 This is considered plagiarism。 All submission will be subject to a thorough plagiarism check。 Plagiarism cases will receive 0 mark。 There will be no acceptance for excuses like forgetting to declare that they solved the assignment in a group。
You are not allowed to post your solutions to any publicly accessible site on the Internet。
Plagiarism Warning
You are free to discuss this assignment with your friends。 However, you should design and write your own code。 We employ a zero-tolerance policy against plagiarism。 Confirmed breach will result in zero mark for the assignment and further disciplinary action from the school。network programming代写
You should refrain from having detailed discussions with other students。 Additionally, you should not share notes。 You should not allow anyone to look at your code。 If you want to solve this assignment together, please do so but declare it as group work。
The Web Server
In this assignment, you are required to implement three components to form a HTTP-like web server。 The first component is a simplified protocol modified from HTTP 1。1, which consists of the basic request-response mechanism and the persistent connection feature from HTTP 1。1, but with different header formats。 On top of this protocol, a static file server and an interactive key-