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  1.Expressing thanks to the Chairperson致谢
  •XXX,thank you for your introduction.
  •First,I would like to thank XXX for his gracious introduction.
  •Thank you very much,XXX,for your very kind introduction.
  •I would like to thank XXX for permitting me the privilege to speak to this audience.
  2.Forms of Address and Greetings对观众的称呼
  •Distinguished colleagues!
  •Ladies and gentleman,Good morning!
  •Members of the conference!
  3.Expressing Pleasure and Honor向听众致意
  •I am very happy/glad/pleased to be here in Hong Kong.
  •I am honored/privileged to be here(with you this afternoon).
  •I am proud to be here on this special occasion.
  •It’s a very great pleasure for me to be able to attend this conference.
  •I consider it a great honor to be asked to speak about…on this session of our symposium/at this conference..
  •It is a great pleasure to be given the honor of first speaker on this important topic.
  4.Reference to the Audience与听众呼应
  •I can see many of you are from…department.
  •I know many of you are familiar with this topic.
  •You all look as though you’ve heard this before.
  •I understand that you’ve all traveled a long way./After hours of conference,you must feel a little tired.Now I’d like you to see an interesting topic…
  1.Background Information背景知识
  •I would like to start by briefly reviewing the history of open heart surgery.
  •Let us start with the theoretical basis of this new technique.
  •To begin with,we have to consider the principle.
  •I think it would be best to start out by looking at a few slides.
  •I should like to preface my remarks with a description of the basic idea.
  •May I begin with a general outline of this project?
  •The first thing I would like to talk about is the definition of the terms I shall use in my lecture.
  •The first point I'd like to make is the historical background of the invention.
  •First,I shall explain to you why this new program is correct and feasible.
  •I would like to concentrate on the problem Of antibiotic abuse in hospitals.
  •I shall devote my talk to the surgical treatment of coronary disease.
  •I want to confine my talk to the latest developments in civil engineering.
  •Today,I am going to give a talk on the application of computers in medicine.
  •My topic today will deal with the observation of supernova.
  •In today's talk,I'll restrict myself to the etiology of 15-epa~i;s.
  •In my presentation this morning,I'll limit myself to three major points only.
  •I take the liberty of restricting my discussion mainly to highway bridge construction.
  •Now,I would like to address myself to the most important aspect of this problem.
  •Among the many languages,I shall mention only BASIC.
  •What I am going to present today is the methodology and the data analysis.
  •I'm not going to say much about that except to discuss the literature on that topic.
  •My talk today consists of two parts.One is...and the other is...
  •I've divided my presentation into four parts.
  •I shall first talk about...and then touch on...and finally discuss...
  •The subject can be looked at under the following headings:...(Pointing to the PowerPoint display)
  •I would like to divide my talk into two parts.The first part deals with…,the second part concerns...
  •My presentation will be given in four parts.The first part deals with...The second part relates to...The third part concerns...And the last part discusses…