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MONASH CollegePython1代写 To gain experience in designing algorithms for a given problem description and implementing those algo- rithms in Python 3.MCD4710 Assignment 1 (8%)MCD4710 Introduction to Algorithms and ProgrammingObjectives Python1代写Due: July 26, 2018, 5:00 pmThe objectives of this assignment are:To gain experience in designing algorithms for a given problem description and implementing those algo- rithms in Python 3.To demonstrate your understandingof:– howto implement algorithms for sorting in Python.–howto decompose code into functions in Python.–howto read from text files using Python.–howto manipulate lists using basic operations.Python1代写–greedy approaches to problems– brute-force approaches to problems– backtracking approaches to problemsPython1代写Submission ProcedurePutyou name and student ID in a comment at the start of each file in yourSave your files into a zip file called yourFirstNamezipSubmityour zip file containing your solution toYourassignment will not be accepted unless it is a readable zipImportant Notes:Python1代写Please ensure that you have read and understood the university’s policies on plagiarism and collusion available at will be required to agree to these policies when you submit your assignment.Yourcode will be checked against other students’ work and code available online by advanced plagiarism detection systems. Do not take the risk, make sure your work is your own.Where it would simplify the problem you may not use built-in Python functions or libraries (eg. using sort() or sorted()). Remember that this is an assignment focussing on algorithms and program- ming.Python1代写Your program will be checked against a number of test cases. Do not forget to include comments in your code explaining your algorithm. If your implementations have bugs, you may still get somemarks based on how close your algorithm is to the correct algorithm. This is made difficult if code is poorly documented.Foreach task, you need to write a program that properly decomposes the  You will learn functions and decomposition in Week 3.Marks: This assignment has a t otal of 100 marks and contributes t o 8% of your final mark. Late s ubmission will have 5% off t he t otal assignment marks per day ( including weekends) deducted f rom your assignment mark. Assignments submitted 7 days after the due date will normally not be accepted.Marking Criteria:Python1代写Total: 100 marksMarking Guide:100 marks(a)Codereadability (Non-trivial comments where necessary and meaningful variable names) 10 marks(b)Code decomposition 10marks(c)Inputtingand displaying battery and device information 10 marks(d)Finding the Euclidean distance between devices 10marksPython1代写(e)nding the closest paid of devices 10marks(f)inputtingand displaying connections and their distance 10 marks(g)ndingthe total path cost of connections given 40 marksAssignment code interview Python1代写Each student will be interviewed during a lab session regarding their submission to gauge your personal understanding of your Assignment code. The purpose of this is to ensure that you have completed the code yourself and that you understand the code submitted. Your assignment mark will be scaled according to the responses provided.Interview Rubric