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The video has multiple trending appearances in US and GB. In both countries, its views, likes and dislikes all increase over time with each trending appearance. As highlighted in the table above, the dislikes number grows much faster than the likes numbers. In both countries, the video ended with higher number of dislikes than likes albeit starting with higher likes analytic代写In this workload, you are asked to find out the top 10 videos with fastest growth of dislikes number between its first and second trending appearances. Here we mea- sure the growth of dislikes number by the gap of dislikes increase and likes increase between the first two trending appearances in the same country.For instance, the dislikes growth of video QwZT7T-TXT0 in US is computed as follows:(1065772− 629120)− (1082422− 835378) = 189608Where the first component is the increase of dislikes and the second component is  the increase of likes between the first and second trending appearances .The result of this workload should show a few details of the top 10 videos, including the video id, category, dislike growth value and country code. Below is a few sample results:data analytic代写