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数学代写:Write functions代写 编写函数代写 R代写 - math代写
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And plot the histograms following the table.b)Write a function to compute the trimmed mean and 100(1-α)% confidence interval of trimmed mean.perform similar plots as described in (a) for trimmed sample.[NOTE: Trimmed mean is explained at the end of the Project 2]Apply the function to the variables “sr” and “dpi” of the data set LifeCycleSavings.Present the table results and the histogram plots similar to (a).c)Write a function to compute bootstrapping mean and 100(1-α)% confidence interval of bootstrapping mean.[NOTE: Bootstrapping mean is explained below.]Perform histogram plots similar to that described in (a) for the 500 bootstrapping sample means for each variable.Apply the function to the variables “sr” and “dpi” of the data set LifeCycleSavings.Present the table results and histogram plots similar to (a).Explanation of Trimmed MeanGiven a sample, x1, x2, x3, …., xn; n cases, drop the smallest k% and largest k% from the sample. Based on this timed sample, compute the sample mean, standard deviation(SD), Standard deviation of Mean = SD/Sqrt(n),  and (100-α)% confidence bounds.Write functions代写Explanation of Bootstrapping Mean:Given a sample, x1, x2, x3, …., xn; n cases. Treat the n cases as the “population” to be sampled. The sampling process for obtaining bootstrapping samples:Select a random sample of size n (the same the original sample size) WITH REPLACEMNT:{b1,b2,b3, …., bn} form a bootstrapping sample. Compute a bootstrapping sample mean.Repeat step (i) for 500 times. You should have 500 sample means.Bootstrapping mean, BM = Average of these 500 bootstrapping sample means.Bootstrapping standard deviation (BSD) is the standard deviation of these 500 sample means.100(1-α) % confidence limit:Lower bound = BM – Zα/2 (SBD), Upper Bound = BM + Zα/2 (SBD)NOTE: You need to specify seed for each bootstrapping sample. Using the seed (1) for the first bootstrapping sample, then, use 11, 21, 31, 41, and so on as the new seed for the next bootstrapping sample, in sequence.Write functions代写Reporting your results for Project 2: In your R-Markdown report with the file names, such as:Submit Test1_LeeC_prj2.rmd  and Test2_LeeC_prj2.pdfThe R-Markdown should include three chunks of r-code. Each chunk is the r-codes for solving (a), (b), and (c) respectively.Write functions代写Write functions代写更多其他:r语言代写 代写 代写CS 代写CS作业  代写作业 代写加急 代码代写 作业帮助合作平台:315代写 315代写  写手招聘 Essay代写