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All submitted work must be done individually without consulting someone else’s solutions in accordance with the University’s Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism policies.Story Python homework代写We are asked to design a tree capable of storing a certain propagating colour. Which colour is propagated is determined by the colours sorted in its subtree. There is a hierarchy of colours, and an ordering exists to determine which is the dominating colour that will be propagated. This tree is used to do some elemental property checking to run some what if scenarios.Python homework代写Informally, our implementation should support the following:Updatethe colour of a node.Insert a new node.Swap two This is intended to help us answer questions such as What changes to the propagating colors if the descendants weredifferent? .Property checking: Given a node, does every descendant (up to klevels deeper) of this node have a certain color.Python homework代写About the tree Python homework代写The tree contains a colour propagation, based on the hierarchy:RED(R)GREEN(G)BLUE(B)CYAN(C)YELLOW(Y)With RED being the strongest colour.The tree:Will produce the propagations:You are asked to implement 2 major files, and homework代写node.pyThis is the implementation of an element in the tree, or a node of the tree.Propertiescolour- The colour of the node.propagated_colour- The colour that has been propagated.parent- A pointer to the parent node, None if it is the root.children- A list of pointers to the children of this node.Functions     set_parent(self,  parent:   ’Node’)  -  None Sets the parent of the node, takes a parent Pointer (type Node). update_colour(self, colour: Colour) -  NoneUpdates/Changes the colour of the node, by setting the colour attribute andperforming any relevant calculations for that node.Python homework代写add_child(self, child_node: ’Node’)  -  None Adds the child_node to the list of children for the node.remove_child(self, child_node: ’Node’) -  NoneRemoves the child_node from the list of children of this node.Tree Python homework代写This is the tree implementation, and where most of the interaction will come from.Propertiesroot- A pointer to the root node of the tree.Functions  update_node_colour(self, n: Node, new_colour: Colour) -  NoneUpdates the colour of the given node n with the colour new_colour. Should also perform any relevant actions relating to the tree.Python homework代写put(self, parent: Node, child: Node) - NoneAdds a node into the tree, by adding child to parent. This should also perform any relevant calculations that are required.rm(self, child: Node) - NoneRemoves the child from the tree. PLEASE NOTE if this node has children, they are removed at the same time, we can consider this entire subtree rooted at this child node removed from the tree.Python homework代写swap(self, subtree_a: Node, subtree_b: Node) - NoneSwaps the tree rooted at subtree_a with the tree rooted at subtree_b and performs any relevant calculations.is_coloured_to_depth_k(self, start_node: Node, colour: Colour, k: int) - boolPerform the property checks to see whether all nodes in the subtree (up and including level k starting from the start node) have the same colour!Testing Python homework代写We have provided you with some test cases in the tests directory of this repository. We will be using unit tests provided with the unittest package of python.Running TestsFrom the base directory (the one with and, runpython -m unittest -v tests/ tests/test_sample_node.pyOr, running all the tests by:python -m unittest -vv  Python homework代写MarkingYou will be marked using a range of public and hidden tests. There will not be additional tests added after the due date.All tests are between 1 to 5 marks each.Python assignment代写其他代写:program代写 cs作业代写 app代写 python代写 homework代写  考试助攻 finance代写 finance代写 java代写 course代写 report代写合作平台:essay代写 论文代写 写手招聘 英国留学生代写