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  108:Aqua Tower
  Architects:Studio Gang Architects
  Location:200 North Columbus Drive,Chicago,IL,USA
  Architect of Record:Loewenberg&Associates
  Owner:Magellan Development Group/NNP Residential LLC
  Status:Completed 2010
  Aqua Tower is an 82-story mixed-use residential skyscraper in the Lakeshore East development in downtown Chicago.The building's height of 819 ft(250 m)includes six levels of parking below ground.Its eight-story 140,000 sq ft(13,000 m2)base is topped by a 82,550 sq ft(7,669 m2)terrace with gardens,gazebos,pools,hot tubs,a walking/running track and fire pit.The building also contains 55,000 sq ft(5,100 m2)of retail and office space,in addition to 215 hotels rooms(floors 1-18),476 rental residential units(floors 19-52),and 263 condominium units&
  The design was inspired by the striated limestone outcroppings common in the Great Lakes area.But this sinuous shape is not just a mere formal gesture,but it is also a strategy to extend the views and maximize solar shading.And by looking at the plans we see a rational structure,true to the Mies legacy in the city.Its vertical topography is defined by its outdoor terraces that gradually change in plan over the length of the tower.These terraces offer a strong connection to the outdoors and allow inhabitants to occupy the building façade and city simultaneously.The result is a highly sculptural building when viewed obliquely that transforms into a slender rectangle from further away.
  109:Abengoa Technological Campus Palmas Altas
  Architects:Rogers Stirk Harbour+Partners&Vidal y Asociados arquitectos
  Client:Centro Tecnológico Palmas Altas S.A.
  Quantity Surveyor:D-Fine
  Design Year:2005-2009
  Construction Year:2007-2009
  Project Area:96,000 sqm
  Budget:$132,000,000 Euro
  Photographs:Víctor Sájara
  Abengoa is an international technology company whose primary activity focuses on sustainable development in the infrastructure,environment and energy sectors.The design for Campus Palmas Altas(CPA)aims to create a new model for the business park,one that is not only more compact and urban in character than conventional business parks,but also particularly suited to the extreme summertime conditions prevalent in the south of Spain.
  CPA comprises seven buildings providing approximately 47,000 m2 of office space across highly compact floor plates in self-contained structures between 3-5 storeys in height.The buildings are arranged to either side of a central space which is made up of a sequence of interconnected plazas.Five of the buildings form Abengoa’s HQ complex,incorporating research&development as well as administrative facilities.The remaining two buildings will offer high quality office accommodation to a range of other tenants which have synergies with Abengoa.